2018 Chamber of Commerce Nonprofit of the Year

Infant and Preschool Programs



 (6 weeks to 18 months)
We understand that it can be difficult to leave your infant in the care of someone else.  We treat each infant with the same tender care and attention that they would receive in their own home.  Snuggles, hugs and lots of rocking are part of the daily experience in our infant rooms.  Our infants spend time outside weather permitting, going for walks in our strollers and spending time playing in the middle of nature in our specially designed infant play yard.  We provide infant formula as part of our program, and are happy to prepare other formula or breastmilk that is provided by the parents of each child.  At Lord of Life we believe that quality infant care has a significant role in developing the foundations of language and learning.  Our caregivers modify routines to meet the individual needs of each infant, so that each develops into the amazing child that he or she can be.  Each child is assessed and a portfolio of their growth is maintained by our teachers and shared with parents on a periodic basis.  You can feel free to ask for a consultation to discuss your child's development at any time.  We look forward to building a long lasting bond, not only with your baby, but with your entire family.



(18 months to 3 years)
Toddlers are naturally curious about their environment, and are in the beginning stages of learning to play with friends.  Our goal in this program is to help your child learn self-help skills in a relaxed, nurturing environment.  We offer many opportunities for exploration that are both stimulating and safe.  At this age your child is learning about her/himself, as an individual and in relationship to others.  These years are essential for learning about caring for others, developing self confidence and  skills that will prepare him for the learning that happens in pre-school.   By the time our children have completed the Toddler programs, they are ready to begin pre-school. Each child is assessed on a regular basis and a portfolio of their growth is maintained by our teachers and shared with parents on a periodic basis.  You can feel free to ask for a consultation to discuss your child's development at any time. 

Preschool and Kinder-Ready


 (3-5 years old)

The requirements of the New York State Common Core Curriculum  have changed the way pre-school programming happens throughout the state.  At Lord of Life Child Development Center, our play-centered focus for learning continues, while integrating the specific learning goals that children entering kindergarten are expected to have mastered.  We use a learning center model in each classroom where the children are introduced to art, dramatic play, sensory exploration and language development.  We provide additional learning opportunities through programs that come to Lord of Life (the Library, Reinstein Woods programming) and field trips (the farm, Lancaster Opera House).  While one of our goals is to help your child learn and develop skills, our other focus is the development of character that is reflected in caring for others and making good choices.  The dominant sounds you'll hear in our preschool classrooms are laughter and the encouraging guidance of caring teachers and assistants.  We work closely with area schools, including Lancaster, Depew, West Seneca and Cheektowaga to ensure that our curriculum will give children the tools they need to meet kindergarten readiness exams. As with all of our Programs, each child is assessed periodically and a portfolio of their growth is maintained by our teachers and shared with parents at scheduled parent-teacher conferences.  You can feel free to ask for a consultation to discuss your child's development at any time. 

School Age and Intergenerational Programs


Before and After School Age Program

Your child who attends school during the day can spend time with us before and after school for supervised activities, help with homework, a nutritious breakfast or after school snack, and time with friends.  The busses from the Depew School district pick up and drop off students at Lord of Life daily.  We also provide all-day programming during school holidays and vacations for children up to age 12 .


Summer Day Camp

Summer Day Camp is a very active experience. The students go on many field trips, including museums, parks and libraries.  In addition to field trips, the students enjoy group and individual projects and games. On a daily basis, the students have opportunities to read and record their experiences in journals. The outdoor nature preserve affords the children the opportunity to observe the flora and fauna, and to work on environmental projects. This is a relaxed program that gives the children the break they need after a busy school year, while they continue to learn in a fun way.


Intergenerational Programs

Lord of Life is unique in many ways.  We are able to offer Intergenerational Programs including our weekly Celebration time  as well as daily interactions between our toddlers and preschoolers and the adults at our Adult Day Health Center.  Led by a staff member, the experience of Celebration enables each child to relate to the love and wonder of God. Celebration acknowledges and affirms differences of religious beliefs and practices. It is our intent to create an environment in which the children will be aware of the mystery and presence of God and to understand that different people experience and respond to God's presence in different ways.  The Celebration format includes songs and a short, interactive lesson that reflects the learning theme for the week.  

Our toddlers and preschool children interact on a daily basis with our special adult friends attending the Lord of Life Adult Day Health Center. Experience has shown that each social contact enriches the life of both the child and the adult friend. They participate in a variety of activities including arts and crafts, games, reading, movement and music.  It is clear every day that these interactions result in life-giving moments between the children and adults that are priceless.